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Why I decided to do an MBA

Having completed a bachelor’s degree in international business back in Colombia, the MBA was considered as the ‘jewel of the crown’, for those like me, who started business education. Although, it is completely different for those who are considered to have a non-traditional background, and that is, precisely, the versatility of an MBA.

For many, an MBA is the clear path to develop and execute a business idea and become entrepreneurs. For others, an MBA is a path to advance the professional career through the acquisition of knowledge, hard and technical skills. For some others, an MBA is a way to discover which path to follow in a professional career.

The idea of starting my MBA, came as early as 2017, when I finished my master’s degree in politics and International Relations in Ireland. The ‘boom’ of the foreign investment -FDI-in Colombia after the peace deal in 2016, made me realize that at the end, politics and business have really close ties. But also, private sector companies, from entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises -SMEs-, to blue-chip companies, play a fundamental role in advancing and contributing to the construction of a better society.

I am lucky enough to have been exposed to different industries in my professional experience and my professional career. I have worked in the food and drinks sector, the United Nations agency systems, the healthcare and clinical research industry, but also in the industries of education and ICT. All those professional assignments contributed for me to develop transferable hard, technical skills but also, soft skills. Not to mention that those assignments were completed, succesfully, both in Spanish and in English. The most appropriate step is indeed achieving an MBA.

My research concluded with the top business schools in the USA, Europe, and The United Kingdom. After several considerations, I decided to apply to The Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. There were several factors considered, as to why I chose this University and Business School. At a university level, the name of Johns Hopkins University enjoys a global, and reputable recognition as a research-intensive University. The Carey Business School (at JHU) offers two powerful concentrations or pathways: Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation -ALI-, and Health, Technology, and Innovation. I chose the ALI pathway. However, other factors were part of my decision, including the highly committed and engaging staff in admissions, the location, what the future of the business school looks like, and of course, the scholarship awarded.

I strongly believe that the MBA, my professional and academic experience, The JHU Carey Business School and my classmates, will provide me with the necessary tools, as well as with unique experiences to strengthen my profile, technical-hard skills and soft skills. I strongly believe we need more private sector companies with a sense of social justice. I also believe that current and future MBAs will face a set of different challenges as a result of the new-better (normal), that everyone from individuals to collectives, are expecting to result from this pandemic.

I am extremely confident, and I am really looking forward to starting my MBA in August 2021. The logistics for this to happen, has already started. From vaccines to accommodation, this time, traveling, and international education is slightly different.

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